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Hypnotherapy London to Stop Smoking: A Science-Based Approach

If you are a smoker and are terrified of what it is doing to your health and want to find out about how you can stop smoking permanently and easily, then call me now. I can explain everything to you and you can find out how you could get free of this, sometimes in as little as one session to stop smoking at Hypnotherapy London.

“Giving up smoking with Cathy was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Originally trained in Hypnotherapy, I have developed a unique way of working with smokers for permanent change, The Simmons Method: A Science-Based Approach - and if you call me to find out about it, you will soon realise that I genuinely care.

In addition to the session, or sessions themselves, I offer a level of support that is second to none, as my past clients have found out.

Hypnotherapy London for Alcohol and Drug Use and Addiction

Helping people get free from addiction and find out how to live beyond it, not just getting by, but really embracing life beyond the drink or drugs, and finding new joys!

“I feel confident, motivated, sociable and more in control of my life” 

Hypnotherapy London for emotional and past Trauma

We can work together to remove the power of those past gremlins, very gently, without you even having to tell me about them.
For past trauma, emotional trauma and PTSD

Is Hypnotherapy right for me?

If you are looking to come in, close your eyes and wake up with a magic cure, this is not for you! Most people, however, realise that this is a collaboration, the two of us working together to do what it takes to make the difference you are seeking in a deep and lasting way. This is why I only agree to work with those people who are committed to the process, but those who are willing to go along with  me and commit to doing whatever is necessary, will be amazed to find that they really can gain control over their behaviours and be free of unhelpful or debilitating feelings far quicker than they might have imagined.

You will find that the level of support you will get goes far beyond what is normally offered and you will also be taught tools and techniques that you can use for yourself whenever you need them, because my clients matter to me, and it is important to me that you get the help you are looking for.

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I have trained with some of the best, am fully qualified, experienced and offer one-to-one sessions from my  office in North West London in complete confidence.

Cathy Simmons Hypnotherapist Hampstead Camden London | London Hypnosis

For Hypnotherapy in London, please call me now or use the contact form and I look forward to hearing from you.


Trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London at the Quest Institute
Trained in New Code NLP with Peter Salisbury
An Accredited member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH)
An NCH Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor
Specialist Adviser in Addiction for the NCH

Quest Institute Hypnotherapy Hampstead Camden London | Hypnotherapist London Verifies that my NCH membership is current

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